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Post  Archer on Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:10 am

Hello visiting Combat Medics and new Camarilla Court of Twilight members. Because the nature of the alliance between our groups is a bit more complicated than simply not openly attacking one another I have pinned this topic where new members of both groups can find it quickly. Because the Camarilla Court of Twilight is a pro-Vampire group, many of our members have certain specific preferences about healing and reviving. The specific request of any member of either group takes precedence over the following terms of alliance.

* Both groups agree to not initiate violence against each other's members.

* Kills made by request in order to race change are acceptable from both groups.

* Combat Medics should only revive and/or heal Camarilla Court members who have "Retainer" ranks. These ranks specifically identify individuals who prefer to be human. Do not K/R without specific permission from the individual.

* Combat Medics may revive any Camarilla Court member found dead on a designated revive location regardless of that member's rank.

As per agreements between Prince Domingo, former Seneschal Villon, and Gabrelle, head of the Combat Medics
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